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This is my 3 year old pug. He is the love of the house and the big boy of the house. We like to make sure he has a wide array of toys, however this is him and his baby doll.

Why do people like pugs ?

One of these pets was said to have awakened him just in time to confront would-be assassins and earned the breed special recognition as the official dog of the House of Orange. My own collection may be impressive by some standards, but it is relatively small compared to those of people like the late actress Sylvia Sidney, who left her large assemblage to the National Arts Club, or Brigit Berlin, the artist and former Andy Warhol superstar whose parents were serious collectors and …More at Orange and Magenta » Pug Invasions

The Like-A-Hug project is a wearable social media vest, developed by Melissa Kit Chow in collaboration with Andy Payne and Phil Seaton, as part of the MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group. The vest is The same day, Redditor PrinceWilliam13 submitted a post titled “Introspective Pug” to the /r/AdviceAnimals[1]subreddit, which featured the same photograph with the caption “I don’t know man, I just- / What if he really did throw the tennis ball, you know?”….More at The week in social: Introspective pugs, Gwitr and wearable social

and the improved brainpower complemented that, rather than the other way around. You can see a similar thing happen to dog breeds like pugs and chihuahuas, which we’ve bred to have small bodies and large heads….More at Study: With evolution, it’s usually better to be strong than smart

dailypuglet.com Pug sorts paper from plastic, rides mass transit, swaps carrots for cows and a whole bunch of other stuff that proves being green is totally easy! ** Song is Ray Charles’ rendition of Kermit’s ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’ ** So cute!!!!! Reply. Katscat Kitty says: February 26, 2013 at 9:39 am. Smart pug! I wish my pug was smart like that! Reply “If a pug can do it, so can YOU!” Reply. katocal says: February 26, 2013 at 5:58 pm. Apparently, you can’t post …More at The Clear Blog » GREEN PUG RECYCLES! and changes lightbulb

I don’t personally feel strongly about people rolling need for off spec items, although the longer I go trying to get this trinket, the more pissy I am likely to be it does drop and I don’t win. I do wish there was a roll priority for …More at [WoW] It came from the PUG, and how the love of bling unites

If you only are able to put in 3-4 hours a week on wow, why do you think you deserve to have access to the same rewards as the people who put in 30-40 hours a week. Trust me though, you WILL The first few encounters on normal raids are tuned to be done with heroic dungeon gear and some 476 crafted items; people seem to think they *need* 489s and even 496s just to stand a chance, just like they expected a 397 ilvl to pug reg DS at 30% -.- Also it isn’t casual …More at Why are people in such a rush?

This is the pug’s purpose. Pugs can barely give birth without caesarian sections and when you feed them, they get fat and turn into waddling loaves of bread that wheeze. This animal does not exist in the wild. Even if it could …More at VIDEO: Avenger Pugs Has Pugs Dressed Like The Avengers

He did want $600 for this pug. I agreed and when we tried to transfer the pup to me he struggled and scratched and managed to bite us both. I was shocked. I had never seen a pug behave like this. However I did take him …More at Have you ever known a pug to be vicious?

7. Do I lie to family and friends about my pug usage? If you‘ve answered yes to more than one of these questions, then you have passed the point of enjoying snuggles from flat-faced dogs that smell like microwaved Cheetos….More at When your family and friends suspect that you‘re addicted to pugs

I did not remember this person per se, but she was me and someone loved this little girl enough to collect the pictures and carefully place them in the book. I stared at them as if staring would turn a key in a lock and I would …More at Pugs & Pics: World of Childhood

‘Too cute’ pug puppies -

cute pictures of pug puppies the day, tired is an understatement! But he is the most loving, adorable little thing and I’m so glad I’ve got him :) :):) I know a lot of people say they want a pug puppy so if there’s any questions you want to ask, just leave me a comment and I’ll try to answer them! Have a lovely weekend! xxx  Aw, he is so cute I’m melting ^^ it sounds as though you have a newborn baby with him waking you up all the time haha. So gorgeous though! Hope you feature him in some more …More at autumn leaves: introducing: my pug puppy

I really like Zuke’s Mini Naturals for training, and Winston responds really well to them: Zukes Mini Naturals &ndash; Dog Training Treats, The Perfect Training Treat for Dogs He also really likes chicken or duck chips, I just …More at What treats do you recommend for puppy training? – Pug Village
Ok so Igors has had minor cases of fleas!  (I’ve only ever found 2 on him no matter how much I check) and he chews on his arms and legs occasionally(ligh….More at Thread: Weird male puppy question. – Pug Village
I have a wonderful 9 year old spayed female pug (cheyenne), and this silly, fantastic 10 month old neutered male pug (cody). cody is a pretty darn….More at puppy pestering senior pug
Pug – Jojo Puppy – Small – Baby – Female – Dog Can you spare a buck for a poor dog down on his luc….More at Pug – Jojo Puppy – Small – Baby – Female – Dog | Minneapolis | eBay

A list of updates required!

Please comment below with any suggestions for improvements or any new ideas!  Thanks

Pug Rescue

Pug rescue

With their wrinkled faces and sad-looking eyes, pug dogs easily tug at any animal lover’s heart strings.  But Wantirna resident Joanna Herceg isn’t just a fan of the breed, she’s made the small dogs her life.

Ms Herceg is president of Pug Rescue and Adoption Victoria and her home was chosen as the location for the state government’s announcement last week that it has established a $1.6 million fund to protect and care for abused and neglected animals….More at Help for abused animals – Knox Journal

Ollie the pug playing with his football

Things to do with your pug

Once your Pug knows a few basic obedience commands, such as Sit and Down, then he can begin doing some tricks.

Play Dead

One popular trick to teach your Pug is to play dead. This is a simple trick to teach. Give your dog the command to lie down. Once he’s lying down you will need to hold a treat where your dog can see and smell it. Then move it in circles toward the floor and tell your dog to “play dead.” This will encourage your dog to roll over and he should eventually be lying on his back if you keep moving the treat. Once your dog is in position you can give him the treat and give him lots of praise. It may take a few tries before your Pug puts it all together, but it’s a very cute trick once he learns it.


Many Pugs learn how to rollover, which is taught the same way as playing dead. You simply keep the dog rolling from one side to the other so he can get his treat. Use treats to lure your dog into position.

Shake Hands

You can also teach your Pug to shake hands. This is also easy to teach with some treats. Ask your Pug to sit, then tell him to “shake.” Reach out and pick up his paw to shake hands. Give him his treat and offer lots of praise. You will need to do this several times until your Pug figures things out. While your Pug is learning, be sure to praise and reward him for any attempts he makes to shake even if they don’t quite work. If he lifts his paw or scratches at you those are steps in the right direction. It won’t take long for your Pug to start shaking your hand when you ask.

High Five

Once your dog learns to shake hands it's easy to teach him to give you a “high five.” Simply hold out your hand for a shake and when your dog starts to shake your hand move your hand to an upward position. Say, “High Five!” and let your dog touch your hand with his paw. Give him lots of praise and treats for touching your hand with his paw.


It’s also fun to teach your Pug to bow. Pugs are such clowns and performers that this trick will come in handy. Ask your dog to sit. Then, with a treat in your hand hold it in front of his nose and say “bow.” Move the treat toward your Pug’s chest. He should move his head to try to follow the treat. This will put him in the bowing position. When he does this little bow you can reward him and give him lots of praise. With practice the bow can become more elaborate.


You can teach your Pug to speak on command. This is an easy trick. Simply wait until your Pug barks and say, “Good bark!” Praise your dog for barking and give him a treat. You can teach your dog to wait until you ask for the bark (this is great for dogs who bark too much!). Your dog will be silent because he’s waiting for the bark command — and the treats that go with it.

There's no limit to what you and your Pug can come up with together. Have fun with it!

Avoiding Health Problems of Pug Dog

There is a saying that “Dogs are man’s best friend”. Pet lovers like to care and play with animals just like dogs, cats, rabbits and many others. Nowadays they are much more aware about the health problems of their pets.

The most common health problems of a pug dog are physical exhaustion, obesity, skin infection and tooth decay. We can avoid these health problems by the following precautions.

1. Don’t let your pug eat other people’s food.

Never ever let your pug eat other people’s food, because this is the a main reason that leads towards them getting overweight. Feed your pug nutritious dog food that will make their joints and spine strong.

2. Frequently walk your pug.

Usually pug dogs are used to sleeping for more than 14 hours a day. Just like human beings without proper exercise they will be prone to obesity or overweight as we call it. Get your pug to walk regularly, recommended daily.

3. Brush your pug’s teeth daily.

Brush your pug’s teeth daily by using dog’s toothbrush. At first your pug will not enjoy brushing their teeth, but in time they will be comfortable enough after doing this activity daily.

4. Ask your veterinarian about the pug’s routine treatment/vacinations against pests.

These pests will result to serious health problem for your pug, because of uncomfortable and itchy skin. Pests will be present depending on where you have been. Your veterinarian will advise you about the best precautions and medications for this problem.

5. Keep your pug away from great heat.

Unlike other animals, a pugs breathing passageway is only small, so they can hardly breath over 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and pugs must avoid this temperature for more than a minute.



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