cute pictures of pug puppies the day, tired is an understatement! But he is the most loving, adorable little thing and I’m so glad I’ve got him :) :):) I know a lot of people say they want a pug puppy so if there’s any questions you want to ask, just leave me a comment and I’ll try to answer them! Have a lovely weekend! xxx  Aw, he is so cute I’m melting ^^ it sounds as though you have a newborn baby with him waking you up all the time haha. So gorgeous though! Hope you feature him in some more …More at autumn leaves: introducing: my pug puppy

I really like Zuke’s Mini Naturals for training, and Winston responds really well to them: Zukes Mini Naturals – Dog Training Treats, The Perfect Training Treat for Dogs He also really likes chicken or duck chips, I just …More at What treats do you recommend for puppy training? – Pug Village
Ok so Igors has had minor cases of fleas!  (I’ve only ever found 2 on him no matter how much I check) and he chews on his arms and legs occasionally(ligh….More at Thread: Weird male puppy question. – Pug Village
I have a wonderful 9 year old spayed female pug (cheyenne), and this silly, fantastic 10 month old neutered male pug (cody). cody is a pretty darn….More at puppy pestering senior pug
Pug – Jojo Puppy – Small – Baby – Female – Dog Can you spare a buck for a poor dog down on his luc….More at Pug – Jojo Puppy – Small – Baby – Female – Dog | Minneapolis | eBay

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